The Calm Before The Christmas Storm

This year we’ve changed things up and we’re away for Christmas. Not my first choice but having family holidays with the family is a great time to catch up, regroup and remember why we liked each other from the start. Come December the endless jibba jabber has taken it’s toll and everyone needs the family time.

Yesterday we arrived at the place we’ll call home for the next five days.

With the sound of water flowing through the rocks, this magical white noise is ideal to sit back and reflect on what this year has had to offer and more importantly on what’s to come over the next few days.

Hubby has taken the kids fishing, giving me an extra minute to sort out final lists, bits and pieces that have been left behind.

Mommy fail #1 There’s no Christmas tree! How did I not think of that. I even made the reindeer Christmas stocking holder and packed it ready for Father Christmas to fill when he flys on through. Off to the closest town we go to find a tree.

Beer Advent Calendar

Instead of chocolates, this year my husband and I opted for beer.

The link below will take you straight to the beer advent calendar template on

You will need:

  1. Red Granny Bs chalkboard paint
  2. Modge podge
  3. White glitter
  4. Adhesive numbers from your local craft store
  5. Merry Christmas stencil for the star
  6. Granny Bs Armour (to seal it)

I cut the numbers on my Cameo Silhouette using a silver metallic vinyl and the “Merry Christmas” out of the metallic blue.

Step 1

We have a fantastic laser cutting place called “The wood walk” just up the road. I sent them the link for the beer advent calendar which they cut for us.

Step 2

Paint or spray paint the tree with the red chalkboard paint.

Step 3

Stick the numbers on making sure the 24th will be the very last beer drunk at the top of the tree. Paint or stick the “Merry Christmas” on the star at the top.

Step 4

Take modge podge and paint in sections to make it look like snow (after you sprinkle the glitter). *see the pictures for some ideas. Once dried paint over with more modge podge and sprinkle more glitter over the modge. Do this as many times as you like until the snow is how you like it.

Step 5

Blow off any left over glitter. Make sure the tree is clean and dry with no bits or glitter hanging about. Paint with Granny Bs Armour. Follow the instructions, wait for 2-3 hours to dry before giving it another coat.


Personalized Glass Christmas Baubles

Every Christmas I aim to buy at least one spectacular new Christmas tree decoration. This year I decided to put my new Cameo Silhouette machine my hubby bought me to work and created some magical glass baubles for each family member.

I was able to find the glass baubles at the spar in Durban for R189 for a box of 6.

Each person got something a little different inside from silver star confetti, various colored feathers, glitter etc.

I was able to find so many different snowflake designs on google clip art, saved them to my desktop, opened it in the silhouette workspace and traced it….. presses send and wala!

Christmas Fun With The Little Ones

Reindeer Christmas Stocking Holder

With the school holidays upon us and Christmas just a few days away my bestie (Pinterest) gave me a great idea to get full swing into the holiday spirit with the kiddies. Some paint, wooden door knobs, glitter and a vacuum at the ready we made the most gorgeous Reindeer Christmas stocking holder.

Things you will need:

  1. Wood cut to the length you need
  2. Chalkboard paint
  3. Various craft paints to paint your reindeer (don’t forget the red for his nose)
  4. Wooden door knobs (for the nose)
  5. Glitter – I used white for the board and red (a lot of red) for his nose.
  6. Graphite paper (unless you can freehand the reindeer)
  7. Pratley Glo
  8. Granny Bs Armour
  9. Googly eyes

Step 1

Cut the board to size then paint the whole thing with chalkboard paint. I had my son Ethan cut the board. (Please ignore my work space in the background hahahaha)

Step 2

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a little white glitter over the top to give it a little sparkle 🙂

Step 3

Print your reindeer face, measure out the spaces you want to leave between each face and mark with a pencil. Use you graphite paper to trace however many reindeers you need.

Step 4

Get painting ……

Step 5

Paint your wooden door knobs red and let the little ones go wild COVERING it with the red glitter.

When you are done, wait for it to dry and paint two coats of Pratley Glo giving it an awesome finish and you won’t have glitter flying around all year long.

Step 6

Give your Christmas Wonder a coat or two of a sealer. I have used Granny Bs Armour here.

Step 7

Screw on Rudolfs nose to each face.

And Wala!

As you can see I used my silhouette machine to cut out “Ho Ho Ho” and a personalized reindeer. If you have some stickers you would like to add do this before you seal the wood.

And that’s it!

Please comment with any questions you may have.